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Dean Tellone

Business & Entrepreneruship

Dean Tellone is the President and CEO of Tellone Financial Services. The company was founded in 1975 and has been going strong ever since. Dean Tellone was born and raised in Southern California, where he still resides. This has given him a unique perspective on local industries and businesses.

Before entering the world of business and finance, Dean Tellone went to university. He attended the University of Arizona, graduating with a degree in Business Administration. Upon graduation, Dean immediately went for his master’s degree, which he earned from Cal Poly Pomona. Upon graduation, Dean Tellone immediately entered the workforce, obtaining a job with Teledyne Corporate Offices, Century City, California. At first, Dean was hired as a Financial Analyst. However, after working with Teledyne for twelve years, Dean Tellone worked his way up their corporate ladder, eventually becoming Director of Finance and Administration. As Director of Finance and Administration, Dean was responsible for six departments and several critical business functions. It was precisely the experience Dean Tellone needed to begin his next big venture: starting his own company, Tellone Financial Services.

Tellone Financial Services offers financial planning services, such as estate planning, retirement planning, accounting, and taxes. It also provides foreclosure alternatives for homeowners. Tellone Financial Services was founded in 1975, though it started significantly smaller than it is today. When Dean Tellone founded the company, it had only two employees and resided inside a local commercial building. In 1986, the company was large enough to warrant Dean Tellone incorporating it, turning it into Tellone Financial Services, Inc. A few years later, in 1992, Dean purchased an entire complex of buildings. This complex is where Tellone Financial has resided ever since.  

Dean Tellone has worked incredibly hard to turn Tellone Financial Services into a successful venture. It now manages over two hundred million dollars in First Mortgage funds. The company has likewise been doing mortgages and private lending for forty-two years. One of the biggest lessons Mr. Tellone learned is the importance of a solid workforce. A company is only as strong as the employees within; thus, Dean has worked hard to cultivate a competent team of workers. Some of his employees have been with the company for over twenty-five years. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners should take this lesson to heart and learn how to treat their employees right.

When Dean Tellone isn’t busy with work, he enjoys spending time working out. Health and fitness mean a lot to him, as one can tell just by looking at him. Dean’s favorite exercise is running, though he recently built a gym inside his building to ensure a well-rounded exercise routine. Another pastime of Dean’s is music. He used to play in a band (recordings of his music can be found online), though that was more of a hobby than a profession. He still enjoys singing and playing the piano, and, likely, music will always play a massive part in his life. 

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